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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How to apply liquid foundation

  • Hi Gorgeous, Sorry dah lama i tak share tips....i'm not felling well this few days....
    How to apply liquid foundation ?? 

    1.Prepare your skin with a thin layer of moisturizer geared toward your skin type. Use moisturizer with sunscreen added if you plan to spend time outdoors.

  • 2.Choose the correct color of liquid foundation makeup for your skin tone. For example, people have a yellow undertone and benefit from a yellow cast in their foundation. Test the color on your jaw line rather than your finger or wrist.

  • 3.Place a small dollop of liquid foundation on your finger. Applying foundation with fingers yields maximum coverage. Use your middle or ring finger, as your index finger doesn't provide the deft touch of your nondominant fingers.

  • 4.Work across your face in small areas. You must blend the foundation in each area before it dries. You can use a makeup sponge to spread the foundation, but the sponge can absorb a large amount of the foundation, wasting the product.

  • 5.Use a makeup sponge to blend the liquid foundation makeup around your jaw line and hairline. You can use a synthetic sponge or a natural sponge, but you must start with a clean sponge every time.

  • 6.Set the liquid foundation for all day wear. If you have oily skin, set the foundation with loose or pressed powder. If you have dry skin, set it with blotting tissues

  • Thursday, 23 June 2011

    Advance class 21st June 2011

    Shu uemura makeup base

    Hi Gorgeous, sorry lama tak update u all ...i'm quite busy lately....
    Ok hari ni i nak share pasal makeup base yang paling best! sesuai untuk kulit yg oily dan kering..
    U all should try memang best sangat2.....ok sharing is caring!! xoxo

    UV under base mousse

    shu uemura’s UV under base mousse is the sensational mousse texture make-up base, beloved for almost 20 years as the must-have step for beautiful make-up creation.
    latest technology introduces UV under base mousse SPF30 PA+++ with 20 times lighter* texture, to achieve “pore-less” complexion with exquisite coverage for long-lasting flawless beauty.
    *lighter in weight compared to liquid or cream type make-up base.

    Thursday, 16 June 2011


    Hi Gorgeous, 

    One of my first purchases from MAC was the Charged Water 

      Charged Water
      Very hydrating
      Use it both with make-up application and during my skin care regimine
      Doesn't evaporate as quickly as Fix+
      Sets make-up fine - just as well as Fix+

    Wednesday, 15 June 2011

    Tips for applying concealer

    Hi Gorgeous,
    Today i want to share tips for applying concealer.....i hope that u all will be happy...
    muahhhh .......xoxo


    1. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. If you cannot find one that matches your skin exactly, you may mix different concealers to reach a desired tone. If you don't want to take the time to mix concealers, just choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin. Never use a shade that is even a tiny bit darker than your skin.

    2.Dot the concealer over the desired area, using about one dot per pimple and two or three dots for each under-eye circle.

    3.Dab and pat the concealer with your ring finger, since this finger has a light touch and will blend the concealer the perfect amount. Do not rub the concealer into your skin. Just pat it until it blends.


    Tuesday, 14 June 2011


    Cara menjaga berus solekan

    Hi Gorgeous,

    hari ni i nak share cara-cara menjaga makeup brush....selamat mencuba!!! xoxo

    Cara Menjaga Berus Solekan
    1. Basuh berus sekurang-kurangya tiga bulan sekali. Jika ada orang lain menggunakan berus solekan anda,    basuh terlebih dahulu sebelum anda menggunakannya.

    2. Gunakan berus yang berlainan bagi solekan yang cerah dan gelap.

    3. Bahan pencuci berus ada dijual di kedai kecantikan, tetapi ada yang mungkin tidak sesuai untuk anda.
    Bagi mengelakkan jangkitan, gunakan pembersih harian atau cucian yang lembut untuk membasuh berus solekkan anda. Dengan cara ini anda dapat mengelakkan daripada mendapat alahan.

    4. Bentukkan berus anda selepas membasuh dah keringkan sebelum menggunakannya semula.
    Jika bulu berus sudah berserabut, inilah masanya anda membeli berus baru...

    Orange Lipstick

    Hi Gorgeous,

    Red lipstick is always loved by women all the time. However, unlike this season, there are other bright lipstick colors that become a trend.

    How do to apply orange lipstick? Rules using bright color lipstick is the first you must select the type of lipstick. This type of matte lipstick look is lighter than using glossy lipstick. Using glossy lipstick make lips look more full and width, therefore, you should use a matte type.
    Also make sure your makeup stay neutral. Simply put on mascara to make eyes become flicks. Avoid smoky-eye makeup because you will look striking.
    xoxo :)

    Nothing Less Then Gorgeous Advance Class (21st May 2011)

    PIPI BOTOX with MAC Wonder Women

    Hi Gorgeous,

    I suka sangat dengan MAC WONDER WOMEN ni...benda ni bagus sangat sebab boleh buat shading, blusher and shimmer...3 in 1 gitew kan....yg paling best dia boleh buat macam pipi botox tapi kena ada teknik yg betul.....ok uolss selamat mencuba...xoxo

    I'm using MAC WONDER WOMEN for her makeup

    Monday, 13 June 2011

    I loves threading...what about u ??

    Eyebrow threading is a depilation technique which originated in India, although it is also widely practiced in our country lately. Eyebrow threading can make your eyebrows look amazing. Eyebrow threading is one of the newest eyebrow shaping methods in western society that are used to get perfect eyebrows.


    Hi Gorgeous, 

    Hari ni i nak share about this palette yang baru i beli last week....the colour memang superb...u all boleh buat your eyeshadow from natural to smokey eyes ... and the best part is price pun tak mahal sangat memang worth to buy.....xoxo

    What it is:
    A universally flattering palette that features 12 eyeshadows with a distinctly Urban look.

    What it does:
    This long, lean, and seductive case comes packed with 12 gorgeous neutrals that work for absolutely everyone. Shades range from delicate champagne to gritty gunmetal, and feature five stunning new shades. A variety of textures, including glitter, shimmer, and matte, ensure that you'll never get bored. This versatile palette can go from office appropriate to a night on the town. The mirrored case also features a new professional-quality, cruelty-free Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush, plus a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion in original formula.

    Nothing Less Then Gorgeous Class on 22 April 2011